Chris McPartlin


From an early age, Chris McPartlin acquired a love for music, from listening to his parents soul & rock records to listening to mixtapes and early acid house records his brothers had purchased. Once old enough, Chris ventured to clubs across Glasgow and watched DJ’s display their talents and had a real thirst for knowing their art. Chris then followed in the footsteps of his idols in the hope of one day emulating them. His passion and love for music has always inspired him, as well as having a keen ear for good quality music. From days gone by hunting in HMV or Rub-a-Dub for the latest vinyl cuts to modern day music sourcing on Juno & Beatport to sculpt his own unique sound. Having played around Glasgow for a good few years now he’s warmed up for names like Franky Rizardo, Detlef, Reset Robot, Amine Edge & Dance, Cristoph, Koen Groeneveld, Prok & Fitch, Illyus, Animal Farm and Waxworks and has also set the dance floor alight in clubs such as TÜR, Chambre69, Keller, The Arches and Saint Judes. Holding a residency at TÜR and co-owning We Love Fundays & Don’t Talk Dance, he’s been able to carve out his energetic house sound and share his musical passion with others.

Chris has also hosted a radio show on Groove City Radio, a Glasgow based internet radio station. His recent attendance at the Soma Skool for Ableton production class has got his fingers into the producing side of music and opened up a new world of music for him and it will only be a matter of time before we hear his own unique productions. With a varied and progressive DJing career under his belt, his name is sure to be one around house and techno for a long time.